Life as a Camera Assistant.

Some memorable projects and the stories behind the scenes. Im very blessed to have been able to collaborate with some amazing artists and fellow crew members.


DIT - Power/Rangers

Director - Joseph Kahn

DP - Christopher Probst

Equipment - A+B Camera - Red Dragon w/ Arri Master Anamorphics

DIT - Tales of Halloween (Segment - The Night Billy Raised Hell)

Director: Darren Lynn Bousman

DP: Joseph White

Equipment: A + B Camera - Alexa XT

Dailies - Prores 422(HQ) Sound synced and color timed.

1st AC for "Marvel 75 Years: From Pulp To Pop!"

Director - Zak Knutson

DP - Austin Nordell

Spanning over the course of nearly 2 months, Marvel: 75 Years was my favorite shoot to date. Our travels took us to Portland, Philadelphia, New York, Chandler and finally home to LA. With interviews galore, the entire crew (be it very small) quickly became an expert on all things Marvel. At the time, everything was as secretive as can be. With an NDA that clearly stated in BOLD "Accordingly, you agree to pay Company the sum of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) per breach," we all decidingly kept our mouths firmly shut. 

EQUIPMENT - A Camera: Blackmagic Production Camera 4K EF Mount. B Camera: Blackmagic Production Camera 4K PL Mount. 

B Roll day. Timelapse at the Hollywood Sign.

1st AC for Imagine Dragons - "I Bet My Life"

Director - Jodeb

DP - Yon Thomas

An incredible experience but a very tough shoot. Shot in parts near Phoenix, AZ, the schedule called for 4 days of shooting. For a music video, 4 days seems like an eternity, yet (as usual) was not nearly enough. At the end of the day I was VERY happy with the outcome and proud to have been a part of the production. Further proving that working amongst talented friends, even the longest days become shorter.

EQUIPMENT - A Camera - Alexa XT Plus (SxS, ProRes 4444) B Camera - Red Dragon 6K. Kowa Anamorphics (40mm T2.3, 50mm T2.3, 75mm T2.5, 100mm T3.5) and Zeiss Super Speeds. Preston FIZ for Alexa and single channel Preston for the Dragon. Rental house - Camtec - Burbank.

FAVORITE SHOT -  Day 3 - 10pm. 14 hours. Martini. Shot starts @ 1:18

After hearing rumors of only a 6 hour turn-around for the camera team upon completion of the night, we are all running on pure adrenaline. I've just downed my 3rd Rockstar (Sugar Free) as we set up for a seemingly simple Steadi-cam shot on the Lead Actor Dane DeHaan (Amazing Spiderman 2, Chronicle). It's his last shot of the show and we all all want to go home. 

In order to stay out of the shot, I have my 2nd AC, Chris Heck, set up the monitor in the bathroom (this seems to be a trend). I ask our amazingly talented steadi-cam operator, Mic Waugh if we can do a quick rehearsal before 1st team arrives on set. We are on a 75mm, WFO (T2.3) and moving from about 15ft to minimum focus at 3ft. Being that the old ass Kowa's distance markings on the lens weren't accurate (and lack of a true prep day) I was forced to pull by eye from the monitor. OF COURSE, this would be the one times the Teradek would start giving us issues. After going through a power cycle on the Teradek receiver, 1st team arrives on-set and we are forced to roll with the punches. I reach into my pocket and grab a full pinch of chew as I take a deep breath. I sit on the sink in order to get the best seat in the house. The Director (Jodeb) and DP (Yon Thomas) breath over my shoulder as we all huddle around the monitor. I hear "Action!" and summon my inner Jedi. Actor Moving, camera getting closer, pulling, pulling, faster, Faster, FASTER. FUCK. wait. YES! Camera lands, actor lands and focus lands. Fuck me running.... The Rockstar must've worked. The Director is ecstatic and the DP gives me a firm pat on the back. Two takes later and we've all nailed the shot repeatedly. Wrap is called and Dane is picture wrapped. The camera team grabs 2nd Meal (did you guess that it was Pizza?) as we celebrate the long day passed and contemplate our very short time off. "See you guys in 6 hours."

Upon watching the shot recently, It seems like a rather simple focus pull.... and maybe it was. But God Damn.... was it fun.

DIT - One Direction "Steal My Girl"

Directors - Brian and Gabe Turner

DP - Christopher Probst

Equipment - A + B Camera - Red Dragon w/ Kowa Anamorphics

Tyson Smith with Allison Eastwood and Jeffery Patterson on the set of Hot Bath an' a Stiff Drink 2

"Power / Rangers"

In Between setups with James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff.

DIT Station

"Tales of Halloween"

Some set design from "Tales of Halloween"


"Marvel: 75 Years" 

2nd AC Colleen Marshall sitting in for talent in NYC

Badge for the Marvel offices in NYC

DP Austin Nordell and Camera Op Brenton Covington enjoying our first class seats to Philly

Enjoying a brew with the crew in NYC after wrap.

"I Bet My Life" Photo's

Early morning after 4 hours of sleep.

Alexa XT quivering at the ready while the Red Dragon works.

Probe lens with right angle on the Dragon.

Mic Waugh during our "Prep" at the Tonto Basin Inn. Yes, that's the bathroom behind him.

Red Dragon (Kowa 40mm Anamorphic) on the DJI Ronin rigged onto speed-rail 3 ft off the noise of a speed boat. Reloading and swapping out RedBricks was a bitch to say the least

1st AC for Randy Houser "Like A Cowboy"

Director - Dustin Rikert

DP - AJ Raitano

Equipment - A + B Camera - Red Epics w/ Zeiss Compact Primes (CP2's)

DIT - The Key

Director- Jefery Levy

DP - William MacCullum

Equipment - Canon C500 w/ Codex